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Facebook has spent the past few months making its Messenger app a more feature-rich service to rival WhatsApp and others, and it is sure it has more plans to dive into new areas and provide a better user experience. We have long said that the social network should start the messaging game because the genre is booming in Asia and has the potential to become a big division in North America and Europe. Facebook Web’s social experiment

This is a widely accepted trend: as more and more consumers use more and more mobile devices, some activity on the PC is coming to an end. In fact, 37 percent of consumers who access content on their computers have already started doing these activities on tablets and smartphones. The last finding is consumer

After reviewing parts of Facebook’s source code, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) and a German data protection regulator confirmed that the social network is currently deleting all facial recognition data for users in Europe. CFO World reported the findings, referring to an email from Ciara O’Sullivan, spokesperson for the Irish DPC Office: “We recently reviewed the source code used in the deletion process and the execution process, and we can confirm that we are satisfied. Facebook’s commitments are correct

Despite that, and even with the unstoppable rise of social media, maybe we watch a ton of television (by that I mean). Another fact: The way TV looks have changed forever due to social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, and social television apps like GetGlue, IntoNow acquired by Yahoo, Miso acquired by Dijit, Comcast’s Tunerfish and Zeebox. others. Television

Facebook tests ‘Buy Tickets’ buttons for events, pays for vulnerabilities discovered in Kim Dotcom’s Mega code, and Google’s Solve for X program ensures that the website is refreshed. All in today’s Daily Dose. You can find The Daily Doose on The Next Web every Monday – Friday. Daily Dose

Updates at the bottom of the post. Many users are experiencing downtime, according to a flood report on Facebook, Twitter and Down For Everyone or Just Me. Due to the fact that not all users are impacted (since all of the Next Web team can easily access it) and someone tweeted an image of the site on which it appears to be inaccessible, it seems likely that some kind of DNS error occurred even though we were contacting Facebook. for clarification about the situation. twitter

Facebook appears to be testing “Buy Tickets” buttons and links to event pages, according to All Facebook. Reportedly, these buttons are currently only links to third-party sites. In other words, Facebook isn’t taking any action yet. Updates at the bottom of the post. The screenshot below is the media Et

Pulse today unveiled a new feature for its digital news gathering app called Highlights, which feeds an exclusive news feed shared on Facebook by your friends and family.

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