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I don’t know if this is the case in other cities or not, but there are different types of gambling games around every corner in İzmir, especially in the fair amusement park – facia amusement park – çankaya – kemeraltı. I will also share some of the games I witnessed in didim kurt amusement park, so i would like to present my special thanks to ….

It is difficult to list these games on the basis of master classes. So I will string like 1-2-3-4-5, one on the other, as far as it goes. Looking at games only from the point of view of the player would be unfair to those gamblers who might be found among dictionary readers or those who dream of a career in this sector in the future. That’s why we will consider games as initiatives.

1) taking a penalty: it is often seen in amusement parks. the rules are simple. A penalty is given to a goalkeeper standing in a goal close to the regular size. There is a participation fee equal to the first no fraction of 1/3 to 1/2 of a pack of marlboro coins. (For example: marlboro- 3.300.000 TL, the appropriate figure between 1.100.000 and 1.650.000 TL will be 1.500.000.) If all three penalties are scored, one package of marlboros will be earned. in other cases, money is lost. I also saw those who increased the rule to four penalties and gave samsun to 3 on 4 and marlboros to 4 on 4.

Conditions for establishing a business: Three poles to form a goal of 6-7 meters in width and 2 meters in length, a soccer ball, a young goalkeeper who was a goalkeeper on the carpet field or in an amateur cluster are sufficient. The price to be paid to the municipality or the mafia in the amusement parks is a fixed cost. I have so far been at most 1 hour at the head of a penalty taker. During this time, 25-30 customers come. If he wins 40-50 million in 1 hour, he will give a maximum of 15 million cigarettes according to the goalkeeper’s ability, which is 25 million per hour and 150-200 million per day. good money. In variable cost, the new ball to be bought as a result of the ball explosion, 10 packs of marboros a day, half a piece of bread to be taken to the goalkeeper and the number of tea drunk throughout the day can be shown.

career opportunities: in this sector where you have the opportunity to work as a goalkeeper, the expected from you is to draw the image of a goalkeeper until the customer pays the money, all three of them are a food goalkeeper from the opposite corner, and a lion is cut in penalties. There is a work uniform, smoking is a part of the capital and can be offered by the boss in abundance. there is no possibility of promotion.

cheat: there is no concrete cheat. It is most common to use a bubble ball to increase earnings.

Risks: A visit to a strong left-footed teenager playing in an amateur cluster to flaunt his line next to him could result in 10 packets of marlboros in 20 minutes. there is no other risk.

2) throwing the cigarette in the ring: the aim is to pass the hoop rings (see: hoop), 5 of which are sold for half a marlboro price, directly over the cigarette packs scattered on a wide surface. shots are fired from a distance, usually it is free to reach.

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