Is it possible to beat a bookie? And if it is so, why the casino 50 free spins is not ruined? Why 70% of players are the losers? All answers to these questions you will find in our article below!

There are many types of earnings both in the real world and in the Internet world. But if you think that there is an universal way to earn real money busting a gut and shaking feet, then you mistake deeply. And if your goal is to get money with betting then throw all free thoughts from your head! Otherwise you can find yourself in such a deep hole … I doubt weather even the most straightforward writer will be able to describe your situation.

If sports betting is for you just an entertainment, for which you spend a small amount of money and little time, just to exacerbate your emotions, then it is another question. And it is another question, if you are there by chance, but “passing different foolishly absurd psychological tests to identify the kinds of personal qualities you always answer “Yes”to the question “Do you like to dream”, and if you go for a walk in the city, and it rains, you think that it isn’t just rain, then you’re a romantic and a dreamer, who have come to try your luck. But we are talking now about the first type of players.World is sheer lunacy. Everyone would agree, but to beat this world, we need to have three basic principles of success: The first thing is the ability to react timely. The second ability is analysis of the bet and game. The third ability is to keep the whole situation under control and keep record completely.

Going closer to reality you should determine initial capital. How much are you ready for to bet on and on what kind of sport? Not only for beginners, but also for experienced players is necessary to have an initial capital. This sum is fixed, that will protect you from spontaneous decisions. Be ready morally that this sum is compromised, and it can happen that you loose it. In any case, so you can long remain afloat without additional investments! Choice of strategies:

First, try to avoid a strategy to catch up. This type of strategy is ideal for new or lazy players who can’t or don’t want to analyze the course of events.

Secondly, don’t stake all their initial capital for the first some play! For what do you need loses growing in geometrical progression!?
Third, analyze! Calculate the percentage of possible payoff at different coefficients.