Residence – Wildhorse Hotel & Gambling house

Once upon a time, each roulette table had a certain money reserve. When the money ran out, the bank was deemed “defrauded”. To renew the reserve, the table was covered with mourning cloth. In the summer of 1891, a steady Charles Wells “broke the bank,” always bets on numbers below him. Three days after such a stunning game, he won a million gold francs and returned to his native London, where he was triumphantly received as a national hero. His adventures even formed the basis of the song “The Man Who Found the Bank in Monte Carlo”. Everyone was looking forward to his new arrival in Monaco. However, casino security too. And he died! Again at the table. Makes a maximum of 5 bets five times in a row and always wins! No fraud was noticed. Everything is fair. This time he returned to London with 3 million francs. After a few months, the luck took away from him altogether and he lost everything. With failures as usual, he immediately transformed from a hero to a pariah. He appeared in court in England and was charged with fraud and sentenced to eight years in prison. The secret of his incredible success remained unsolved. Or maybe there was no secret?

Monte Carlo Casino, Belle? It is a carefully preserved architectural example of Poque architecture. Millions of suffering people come here every year. This is a magical place where excitement reigns. There are no such diverse services available to players anywhere in the world. The player here is the king and god. Maximum stakes continue to be breathtaking. This is a really powerful sensation. Renaissance Hall, decorated with eight large chandeliers of the European Hall, special mahogany decorations, “Madsen” and “Touzet” with coins and gilding, here you can try your luck in French and English roulette, 30/40, “Railway”, “Black Jack”, ” Kraps “,” Punto Banco “,” Bench for two tables. “

The historic “White Hall” is a link of the ages. Old slot machines, whose ears are caressing with the sound of coins, are adjacent to the ultra-modern “King of the Game”.

The casino is not just for gaming. There are also restaurants that can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding gourmets. The Italian restaurant “Train Bleu” sleepers “Belle? Poque” reproduces the decor of the restaurant greatly, and the windows of the restaurant “Les Prives” offers a wonderful view of the sea and Cape Martin. Casino visitors tired of the game can dine here until the special lounges close, which is practical as early as dawn.

From September to June, the most popular place in Monaco becomes Cabaret at Casino. Here you can have dinner and a glass of wine and have fun with colorful performances by artists whose numbers are changed in a kaleidoscope.

The building originally created has remained virtually unchanged and has preserved its former shape to this day. Today it has the status of a cultural monument and a model of Renaissance architecture. It looks like a palace, with an ensemble of classical columns in Monte Carlo marble decoration and several dozen halls inside, stylized for the era of the gambling business.

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